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Veterans Discounts



In respect for your service to Our Country we’d like to offer you a 25% Discount on central station monitoring rates on your home alarm systems. We ask you to submit a copy of whatever ‘DD’ Form, Honorable, General, or Retired discharge applicable by registered mail. 

We regret having to ask you for this, but as you’re aware, this offer will be abused if we don’t. Our contact information will be provided for you when our staff receives your request. Please reserve this offer for yourselves only and, of course, your immediate family.

Also we have to limit the offer to two (2) members of the immediate family. Please call for mailing details.



Any veteran who supplies us with a copy of any ‘DD’ Form, (or other like/kind VA Form) indicating their disability will receive a 50% Discount on central station monitoring rates on your home alarm system.

If you are a disabled veteran and supply us with that documentation, the other discharge form mentioned above won’t be necessary. We regret having to intrude into your private affairs, but again, we’ll certainly be taken advantage of if we don’t…..same protocol as above, give us a call.



If, as a disabled veteran, you cannot afford central station monitoring rates at the 50% Discount Price, supply us with your disability form, a copy of your previous years income tax return, and we’ll provide you with central station monitoring at cost to make certain you have fire and police response. 

Again, give us a call outlining your circumstance, and we’ll see you are provided fire and police response. 

Note: Yearly payments only. Normal initial programming charges and other restrictions may apply. Please black out your Social Security number, or Service number before sending any DD Form. We DO NOT want to receive this information.



Our mission is to provide veterans with a professional fire, police, or  medical alarm response monitoring service at a generous discount. 

Discount based on the veteran’s military records, VA medical records, and/or their personal financial status.