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WD Sharpe

Security Systems and Electrical Contractor

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For nearly 43 years, WD Sharpe has been serving homes and businesses in the Northern New Jersey area with installations of Security, Fire, and Burglar Alarm Systems, providing service 24/7, UL central station monitoring, and residential / commercial electrical work.

We are family and veteran owned and operated, fully licensed, bonded, insured, and looking forward to providing you with continued friendly and professional service at affordable rates. 

WD Sharpe offers you a fast a reliable response for any electrical or security systems problems you are having. Our experienced field technicians have been with WD Sharpe since the founding of the business in 1976. Unlike many larger companies, we proudly state that we have no turnover of employees. This is a most important point to consider in deciding which company to choose.

WD Sharpe provides affordable solutions, improvements, and support for your overall home or business needs. Help us target your specific issues and we will resolve it immediately, effectively, and reliably! 

Give us a call at 973-773-3359.

Veterans Discount

Veterans Discount